The Road to PS5

PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.




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  • If you want my money PlayStation 5 has to play PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games.

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  • Mark Cerny, the exact type of man we hope marries our daughters.

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  • Mark Cerny looks eerily like Dana Carvey

    Broderick BowdenBroderick BowdenPred 13 urami
  • Dude's name is Mark Cerny, and he's been the lead architect on the PlayStation series for the past generation, so it figures that he'd be pretty well spoken

    longshotlongshotPred 13 urami
  • why is he holding his vape mod in his hand

    GstroysLabGstroysLabPred 13 urami
  • I just want to play my past favorite games on the ps5

    lil danlil danPred 13 urami
  • Mark Cerny is so professional.

    evanpuffycat 27evanpuffycat 27Pred 14 urami
  • This guy reminds me of Bob Ross

    Muhamed AmetovskiMuhamed AmetovskiPred 15 urami
  • Games ps7 and ps8 The sims 4 Fortinite Call of duty Crash

    Kevin SouzaKevin SouzaPred 15 urami
  • Can some nerd simplify this for me please?

    Damian VDamian VPred 15 urami
  • Could a faster SSD allow for never before seen stage destruction?

    spark fractalspark fractalPred 15 urami
  • To sum it all up, the PS5 is going to be way faster, way better than the PS4, I’m excited for it to launch and so should you.

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  • All is new ssd ,

    MarpyMarpyPred 16 urami
  • Mark Cerny is Momo’s alter ego

  • "Wow the brain is so weird, it kinda feels like the silhouettes move like real people... oh wait, yeah, they are actually animated"

    Lisandro LoreaLisandro LoreaPred 16 urami
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  • the PlayStation 5 is inferior in almost everything to the Xbox series X

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  • For beat the ps5 in terms of power You need 1658 ps2 if you want to use a ps2 45 ps3 if you want to use a ps3 6 ps4 if you want to use a ps4

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  • I learned a lot from this video awesome

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  • Idc what y’all say I want realms on Minecraft for ps4

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  • Whooo! A GDC talk!

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  • I'm actually enjoying this

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  • I love Mark Cerny. I could be wrong but I think he developed a game that I love was "Warhawk for ps3" and I want that game to be back to it's roots. Make it happen.

    Mr.GamerMBMr.GamerMBPred 20 urami
  • "Filmed In Front Of A Live Studio Audience" All jokes aside, this was a great conference and i really can not wait for PS5. Way to go Sony hope it all goes well!

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  • If the color oe ps4 and blue of ps5 can be black

    Kevin SouzaKevin SouzaPred 21 uro
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  • Can't wait to get one. Cerny nailed it again as usual. 10.3 vs 12.1 is not a thing to worry about people. PS5 is 5-6x more powerful than my base PS4 and I just played Death Stranding on it and it looked amazing. Can't wait to see what they can do with the extra power.

    gamertaboogamertabooPred 23 urami
  • In holidays I want Play Station 5 this are amazing so the future from ps5 is the beeeest console videogame

    Heizzell MarciaHeizzell MarciaPred 23 urami
  • Did they pitch to the consumers which are us, or they pitch to investors? After steve jobs, you’ve to step up the game on presenting. Their presentation aren’t even worth to watch for, P.S: maybe u should let a well known gamers to introduce it to us.

    SonySonyPred 23 urami
  • The Road To PS5! 🎮

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  • I would really like Sony to bring back Dino crisis 1 and 2 remake like the resident evil games

    Tony WestwoodTony WestwoodPred dnevom
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="556">9:16</a> Bloodbourne and it’s ladders 😂

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  • horrible. Nothing for incredible innovation on “PS5’s Ultra fast SSD” lolllllllllllll😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • This guy is a genius

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  • The Guy speaking reminds me of Nolan Sorrento from ready player 1. Lol

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  • How come nobody is talking about how this guy looks like Dana Carvey doing a Dana Carvey impression

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  • They should make the ps5 waterproof and unbreakable so nobody girlfriend or somebody break it or throw it in the pool

  • Can you put an SSD in it? I put my 1 TB SSD in my ps4 pro.

    We Chia LeeWe Chia LeePred dnevom
    • @bron lebron bro, the speaking keeps on saying that, I'm just saying as sarcasm.

      We Chia LeeWe Chia LeePred 12 urami
    • You can put SSD if you want more storage. If you want to play PS4 games on PS5 any SSD will do. On the other hand, PS5 games require super fast SSD to work. You can t just buy any SSD, you have to buy very best that can match PS5 speeds

      bron lebronbron lebronPred 16 urami
  • Best asmr out there

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  • Am i the only one here who still uses ps3 and is completely fine with it?

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  • For the HRTF couldn´t you make a quiz where you play a sound that attempts to trick you and you have to choose the location the sound is coming from and the more you play the more it should close in on what matches your ear.

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  • Will there be a ps5 pro and slim

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  • Do you like the Xbox Sires X? Better PlayStation you’re better

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  • I have a PS3

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  • Aw come on, playing Dungeon Defenders already pushes my Xbox 360 hard drive to it's limits, it chugs when hundreds of enemies are present, and the USB 2.0 on my Xbox 360 only goes up to 35MB/s which is 20MB/s faster than the DVD drive but still. We need an official SATA SSD for Xbox 360 and xbox one, emphasis on the SATA part on those 2 consoles.

    Jarod SkaffJarod SkaffPred dnevom
  • Jim: Ok Mark... Mark: *Blip* Jim: Tell me about the new PS5. Mark: The PS5 has a new and improved architecture blablabla.....................52 minutes later Mark: I can also search the web for more information. Jim: Uh, Thanks I guess.

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  • This is stpid byed ps1 then ps 2 and then ps 3 and ps4 and ps5 im not gonna purache ps5

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  • Ps n Xbox need cross platform. so we can party up no matter wat console for any game or activity!!!!!!!!!!

    iKhmerReaperiKhmerReaperPred dnevom
  • This presentation has been nicely edited together. It seems like Mark is an accomplished presenter, so I doubt each segment took many takes. The background sharpness is about right, but it's a little too flat though. Also the people that have been merged into the foreground are a bit strange. Bonus question: Are Sony bringing back their Vaio laptops?.. or is that an old one on the podium there?

    intrepidisintrepidisPred dnevom
  • There’s no way he wasn’t looking at a screen.

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