My Best Friend Got The Coronavirus

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  • from Dan -

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    • S Stay Safe

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    • what about marlin the ups delivery guy

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    • Hey Casey Help me to start a channel...God Has given u so much that even u can make the life of others also ,,,, so why dont u help me also ??? Reuest from your younger brother

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    • hope your friend gets better, will you be reviewing the Mavic air 2 mine will here Wednesday and I am so excited.

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="510">8:30</a> Bruh, there was kind of a "plane,, up there. In other words a bird

  • Lol

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  • the first person that has covid be like "oh I have a virus let me cough to other people onto their faces!!"

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  • dude fr the time the saw the thumbnail I thought it was nas daily

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  • Bu salak kim

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  • More firstclass vids pleas

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  • I know how you feel 😢

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  • Everyone in the world: *Talks about the coronavirus* Sweden: *Walks in town* Coronavirus, what’s that?

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  • Hi Casey I wotch you're video from Ukraine and started earnestly learning english thanks to you , good luck

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  • I'm watching this on May 27th and there's now 1.6 million confirmed cases in the U.S. with a death toll near 100,000... it's crazy out here.

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  • im lowkey sad that my casey hoodie won't be og anymoree, because everyone can buy it now ;0. But I'm happy its for a good cause

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  • COVID-19, as bad, as a bad flu...Hyped up as the next plague. To put it in perspective, the world death toll from COVID to date is less than the average number of babies born in 2 days... Think about it.

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  • D: !

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  • Who films that.

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  • i wonder why i am coughing weird

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  • He has had those glasses since he started yt

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  • Poor guy!

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  • Who's here after watching Jeff wittek's channel of casey getting a new haircut

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  • Dont believe everything that's being said. There is alot of mischief being portrayed by our government right now. That's all I'm saying

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    • NPC #303 very ignorant

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  • 한국 유튜버때문에 이런데까지 들어와지네요

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  • Wear a mask

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  • Dude, you should get tested right away. Thumbs up if you think Casey has the virus.

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  • Hi Casey is there any macbook for sale???

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  • Gross

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="684">11:24</a> that baby

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  • "We're all in this together" - Imagine the world if everyone had this mindset

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  • Bruh

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  • Corona is a joke

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  • What happened to your glasses? Also a huge Fan

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  • So bad

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  • What happened to him as he still alive?

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  • Ok let’s just get this straight... your daughter is REALLY cute

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  • Bruh its 1 month later and there is 1.6 million cases...

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  • The man acts like he never heard about illnesses before.

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  • and now we are at 1.5mil cases. wow

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  • 1.57M

  • there was 22,738 cases in the moment of the, May 20, there are 1,528,661 cases in the US

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  • Hi Casey! It’s May 19th, 2020, and world wide over 323 thousand people have succumbed to Covid-19. I live in Alberta Canada, one of the hardest hit provinces and I’m still scared to death to go grocery shopping because I have weakened lungs due to years of smoking (I quit 10 years ago) Even today, we are saying stay home and stay safe. This pandemic has changed the world and your beautiful girls will see it differently from the way I grew up and the way you grew up! Take care of yourself and your family!

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  • FUcken love that beat at the end!!!!!!!!

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  • Casey Nicehat Nice hat btw

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  • Love the Yang Gang hat!!

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  • Fools keep washing and sanitizing everything and you're just destroying your immune system. When everyone comes back outside they will massively spread disease watch

    Perry EllisPerry EllisPred 13 dnevi
    • Team Fauci and Gates want you to stay out of the sun (no vitamin D for your immune system) keep a mask on (lack of oxygen compromises immune system) and avoid gatherings ( so we can’t talk about common sense things like why healthy people are being quarantined - tyranny). By doing the aforementioned there will most certainly be another wave because the sheeples are too stupid to think for themselves and using hand sanitizers, choking off oxygen and failing to get exercise will bring about a whole new group of vulnerable people. Wake up to the scam people. This is a ploy to sell you dangerous, untested vaccines and get you hooked on pharmaceuticals. Seems Casey’s been bought....😔

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  • I like how in Mid-March there was a feeling like we were all in this together. I'd say here in the future (May 18th) that sentiment has morphed drastically.

    AlexAlexPred 13 dnevi
    • Yes, here (Switzerland) we arrived in the so-called „new-normality“, and the feeling „we care for eachother and we will be different after the pandemic“ is more or less gone

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    • I agree

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  • my best friend got the sars-cov-2* virus and was tested positive for the covid-19 illness*. i would have expected someone like you to be educated about such an important subject because i know you're not a basic internet edgy normie

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  • Then wear your mask

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  • K POP!

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  • As he said himself, it's not the sickness/getting the virus the is scary part. It is the economy collapsing and people's lives being ruined because of these stay at home orders. Open the world back up and we can fight this together!! Legit even the anecdote Casey used demonstrated how people are getting this virus and end up fine...

    Jacob SchoenJacob SchoenPred 14 dnevi
  • Kinda late to the party but there is NOTHING WRONG with him being outside and still social distancing... stop being sheep

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  • Stay Safe GOOD Vibes

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  • Elon Musk: Get Real

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  • First time Casey neistat without glasses

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  • Where’s your mask?

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  • For your family , please stay home

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  • Casey are you alive

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  • coronavirus in gta

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  • Casey says weed store it the only store open ya we have been taking the kids out

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  • Good like to him.

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  • This c19 shit is stupid. You got the flu. That is all. Cure is worse than anything else. Say no to ALL questions when asked for symptoms. Love you guys.

    Christoher CoxChristoher CoxPred 16 dnevi
  • Hi Casey Hope Dan gets well and I also live in South Africa it's really bad and I really hope your friend gets well soon.❤❤❤

    Farhaan KhanFarhaan KhanPred 16 dnevi
  • I miss NYC Casey

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  • ciao Casey , anche quì è stato molto brutto , comunque la vita continua . (dall'Italia)

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  • A Dan is sooooo dumb that amaze

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  • its not just about social distancing. its about staying indoors completely, not roaming on the streets. that's the only step to control this pandemic. stay indoors, help earth heal

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  • Well, China did make it worse by knowing exactly what was going on, and covering it up

    David DrankaDavid DrankaPred 16 dnevi
  • Who gave you the info to get out of New York before the 20192020 winter is what I wanna know. Someone had to of given you a heads up about the upcoming shitshow

    Justin TimeJustin TimePred 16 dnevi
  • i did the snow boarding so often when i was in high school and such i had never seen anyone else do that other then me and friends until i saw ur videos!

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  • Is he good now

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  • My friend got the flu* FTFY

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  • Casey pls vlog it hAs been a month

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  • Hello, Casey! my boyfriend scares you and does not miss a single issue, his name is Kirill Yatsenko, we are from Ukraine, his birthday will soon, and in connection with quarantine, congratulations to him as I had planned did not work out. And I imagined that if you would just pronounce his name, he will most likely be described with happiness, I ask you to congratulate him that way)

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  • Where are you?!?! Uhh, mavic air 2 came out, just letting you know.

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  • Peace to you, and your friend. Brace for the recovery, take it easy. Thanks Casey for sharing this. My dad passed away on cinco RIP: Seenyana Gibson. Also my brother's father in law passed early April 2020. Be well!

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  • F

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  • where's casey??

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  • Thanks for the ride casey. Loved your tech reviews, but to be honest, right now your opinion matters very little. Your videos have no real value. Unsubscribe.

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  • Everyone was affected with this virus 😞. 2019 - Stay away from negative people. 2020 - Stay away from positive people. Keep safe everyone.

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  • I miss you! :(

    Lauren MarshLauren MarshPred 17 dnevi
  • Casey, where are you with the videos? We need content from you during this pandemic!

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  • No vlogs

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